Monday, June 11, 2012

stabby stab stab

It boggles the mind that someone so generous at times can be so... miserly.

Sunday I gave hubz a break and took the in-laws to Walmart. We get in the store and I am with FIL. We find MIL in the fabric section. She has bolts of fabric in her basket and is pulling more down. She asks me what i thought of them. I said they are nice I like them. She asks if they would make nice hats, I say sure. then she says, "Well we don't have any money so i cannot buy these for you. We are so in debt right now that we can barely afford our medicine" To which I reply, "I don't need them, you asked me what I thought I told you. If I want/need them I can buy them myself." And then she says, Well I just wanted to know that you thought."


No you didn't! if that was the case what is up with all the we cannot afford it BS? SIGH!!!

So we get home and I go to my craft room and start working. I am in there for like 10 minutes and she comes in. She says, "Is there anything I can do, I just feel so useless around here?" I told her, sure if you want to iron all this wrinkled fabric that would really help me out. So she does. So about 2 hours pass and I tell her we are done for the day and she says she feels bad because she really wished she could do more but she is so sick that she just cannot do what she used to do any more.

Is that supposed to make me feel sorry for her or guilty that I put her to work?


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