Friday, June 1, 2012

Perhaps I was wrong?

I was so stressed about MIL coming and staying with us, but she is not as bad as FIL! He is oblivious to anyone elses' wants, needs or feelings. He ruined my inject-able diabetes pen, took apart the washer, and yes he did eventually fix it but in the meantime the wet clothes he removed from the washer get mildewed and ruined. Then I come home today and he has taken the door off of hubz office and put it on the doorway to the hall, Top it all off, he just threw the curtain and rod that was hanging there on the floor no, where should I put this, or even told anyone that he did it.  Once again... NO ONE IS ASKING HIM TO DO ANY OF THESE THINGS!!!

I need to get out of here! I am being laid off in a month and do not know if I can get my other job back. I am in a holding pattern until June 8 when my former boss comes back from vacation. I need so desperately to move out of here and get away from people who have no respect for me or my belongings.

Right now FIL is in my craft studio watching tv in there. MIL is in the living room watching tv in there. Hubz and I are in our bedroom. Hubz confessed to me that he feels like he has been kicked out of the living areas and banned to the bedroom. The only place I feel safe and at peace is the bedroom.

I do not want to be here, I don't want to come home from work, I want to jump in my car and run away! I asked hubz why he wont say anything, why he refuses to defend himself and he said because they own the house and he feels like he has no right to say anything. Sad thing is, they are using all of our stuff and we can no longer enjoy our home. We have become the "house guests".

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