Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Where do I start?

I didn't blog yesterday because I was totally devastated when I got the news...


(Before I go any further, we live in their home. It was abandoned and dilapidated and in wretched condition. it was a few steps from the city condemning it. When we married we moved into a small apt and hubz son came to live with us, we could not afford the apt any more, we moved into the house, fixing it up little by little. Over 5 years time we have spent a great amount of time and money making this place habitable. So this is their house, but it was our home.)

Now, I mentally, physically and spiritually prepared for MIL's stay. We made room for her and her stuff. We thought this was a her only deal. Well yesterday I get home from work and MIL is telling us how they went to buy FIL some dressy clothes in case he has to go on an interview. I inquire as to when he would be returning home and he said he is looking for work down here. They will live here while he works and send money back home to get the house fixed, then sell it.

There are 4 adults and SIX dogs in what is the equivalent of 850 square feet of usable space. I have 4 little dogs and they have 2 large dogs. Dogs that get in your face while you are trying to have dinner. Dogs that trample my 4 pound chihuahua. dogs that give my little ones anxiety attacks. Dogs that get $10 worth of bar-b-que that I bought, not their owners, ME! But I digress. I will come back to the dogs later.

So they are not leaving. I feel like I do not have a voice here. I don't own the place so I am supposed to just shut up and sit idly by and be happy my peace is disturbed, my life is invaded and my belongings are being ruined or monopolized.

I am a diabetic. I do not have insurance, so medicine is expensive. One of my meds cost $300. I injected myself this morning and put it back in the refrigerator like I do every morning and night. So when I go give myself my nightly meds, one is missing and I asked hubz to go get it. he comes back with a hot pen vial of medicine. When I asked why it was hot, he said it was in front of the fridge. I cried. It is supposed to be refrigerated and it was ruined. I went into the living room, muted the tv and told them that they needed to be more careful because someone dropped my meds and didn't pick them up and now a $300 prescription is ruined. My FIL said, oh, that was me. No sorry, no oops, no nothing! That vial was supposed to last me till mid June, when I can afford to go back to the dr and get the rx refilled. FIL was laid off 2 months ago, they "have no money and cannot afford much right now" so I guess I am S.O.L.

These are people who don't listen to the house rules. My dogs are on a strict diet and cannot eat people food. Today we brought home bar-b-que for dinner. FIL gives the majority of his meat to his dogs then puts the plate on the floor for MY dogs to lick up the grease. I snatched up the plate and threw it away. I have asked him to not give my dogs treats or people food and he doesn't listen.

I just found out last Friday that I will be laid off in about a months time, so my plans on moving are placed on hold for now. Both hubz and I are working hot and heavy getting resumes out and applying for jobs. I do not know how long I can hold on to my sanity here.

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