Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have not blogged in a few days because I was prepping for a convention. In an earlier post I mentioned MIL being bored and wanting something to do and she volunteered to finish the dice bags... so as I was packing thursday night for con she says, "I worked really hard on all these bags, I sure do hope these sell and make some money for us."


Yes she sewed them, but I bought the fabric and cut out all the patterns. US? UGH, perhaps I am being selfish or whatever? Who knows? But anything I am selling is going to profit my business. I have a day job for household contributions.

So we left for con and decided it would be better if we stayed closer to the venue and we needed the time away more than anything. hubz asked them if they would mind watching the dogs and they said no problem. When we came home tonight neither dog had been given their meds and the food and water bowls were empty. HEAVY SIGH! I just hope and pray they put my dogs food down and didn't basically force them to eat their dogs food. Our dogs are on a prescription diet and should not eat anything but they food we give them.

When we walked in the door my living room smelled like feet and vinegar. In the kitchen, an overflowing sink full of dishes and garbage piled a foot and a half high over the top and in piles 2 feet high surrounding the trash bin. We picked up the garbage from the floor and threw it out, but to top it all off, we emptied the can (with NO bin liner I might add) to find MAGGOTS IN THE BOTTOM OF MY CAN!!! The last time the garbage was emptied was by hubz on wed night. He asked FIL to place a bin liner in and FIL agreed to do so, I guess it didn't get done.

I am so disgusted by the state of this house. It as been ONE WEEK and 3 days they have been here and this house looks like a hoarder lives here. The bed we got them, one of their huge dogs either vomited or had diarrhea all over it. It was so bad that it went through the waterproof mattress pad we put on it. we stripped the bed and it got on the mattress. We had to bleach, then steam clean the mattress and box spring.

I came to the bedroom to blog and hubz followed me in and I inquired as to why and he said he didn't want to be in the living room with them... He is getting fed up too.

Someone please show me the silver lining, please.

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