Monday, May 21, 2012

I am trying to be nice.

MIL sews and quilts. Since she is staying with us I gave her some space in my craft room. This was very hard for me since I am very particular about whom I allow to use my stuff. That and I worked VERY hard to get that room up and running.

I am leary about her using it because she never cleans up after herself. She always apologizes and says she is so (insert excuse here) and she just can't do what she used to any more. For example, this morning she opened something and put the garbage on the side table next to the sofa. She commented that we need a garbage can there. I said no, we need to put it in the trash can in the kitchen because this area will become trashed out. And my hubz said it was because the dogs would get into the trash... that is NOT what I meant. I have seen the aftermath of her habitation in a room. I will not allow that to happen.

Last night she offered to finish making the dice bags I have cut out the patterns for and I am sure she is bored and needs something to do, so I set up her sewing machine and showed here where they were. Lol, I am sure she will finish them today. She is a pretty good seamstress.

I am trying to keep a positive attitude. But it can be hard. She is nice when she wants something or feels guilty about something. But once that has passed, all bets are off. I am preparing myself for the day that the "honeymoon" phase is over. Chin up until then.

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