Wednesday, May 16, 2012

They're Heeeeeeeeeere!

MIL Has come to live with us for a time. I love my husband and he knows all about this blog, so don't get all, "what would your husband say" on me. He knows that I need an outlet and he doesn't need to hear my frustrations about the woman who gave him birth. She is coming to stay with us while their home is being repaired from a fire they had on the 4th of July 2010.

Well my hubz parents arrived today around 10:45 am. was on my way out the door and MIL comments about the artwork on our walls and asked me if I drew them and when we told her, her son did them she said they were excellent. then she apologized for intruding on our home. I left for work.


I came home from work and made dinner. MIL came in the kitchen and asked if I needed any help, I said no thank you. She then says, "Wow, it has been a long time since we have had steak for dinner." I replied, "I am making pork chops." and she says, "Well we have not been eating well since all of our money is going into the house. We haven't had pork chops in a very long time." 

What does this mean? I am supposed to feel guilty for eating well? I buy in bulk, I work the sales, and I coupon when I can. I have to eat better for my health and that includes having no carbs in my kitchen. I am trying to ignore comments like that. I know they are struggling financially; but I feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg. I know if I come home with something new, or go get my nails done or whatever, I am going to hear some snide comment about it. I hope I am wrong.

After dinner I go into my crafting studio to find her stuff placed on the middle of the floor... LOUD SIGH! I asked my husband who put it there and he said he did it and he thought he it was the logical place to put her sewing supplies. I guess in the grand scheme of things I shouldn't really mind sharing the room. I have spent days designing, cleaning, re-flooring, repainting, and re-purposing in general the space... I know from experience the state her craft rooms have become. I just do NOT want my room to look like that. Now, in all fairness, when I am working on projects the room can tend to get junked up. BUT, after I am done, I do a reorganize and get things back to normal.

I will think positive thoughts and have a positive attitude in this situation. I can only be hopeful and optimistic or I will go bonkers. I will try not to read anything into everything MIL says and does.

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