Saturday, May 19, 2012

Is this the beginning?

We borrowed their van to transport some things at work. Hubs cleaned out the van and brought everything inside. There is no place to put everything so there is stuff in the middle of the rooms, walkways and hallway. I am having mini panic attacks everytime I see the clutter and have to walk over stuff. I see the clutter and I feel overwhelmed and litterally start having tightness in my chest and trouble breathing. All I can do is try to ignore it until I have time to clean it or get hubs to do it.

My dog needs a dental cleaning. Two of her front teeth have become exposed and the gums have eroded on one tooth. I checked her teeth today and the tooth fell out.  Well MIL says, "make sure you call the vet and cancel the appointment." To which I reply, "no, she still needs the cleaning." The vet I take the dogs to is pretty reasonable. I am not going to cancel my poor dogs cleaning because of a disparaging look.

Yesterday, she asked what she needs to do while she is home? I don't want to ask her to do anything. I feel if I do she will say I don't do anything. Well today we worked all morning (up at 6:30, out the door at 7:45) and when we came home she told us about all the stuff she wanted to do (dishes, laundry, trash) but gave excuses as to why she didn't do any of them.

When we came home from work, she says, "the dog scared me to death. I took them out and when we came back inside I called for her and she was not inside. I called for her outside and she was not around anywhere. So I thought she ran off, but 2 hours later I heard her barking, she was hiding in your room." WTH! A. Why didn't she go look for her if she let her out. 2. If she though my dog went missing, why didn't she call me on my cell?

In closing, yesterday I got some news that I will be being laid off in about a month or so. My in laws don't know yet. I am VERY reluctant to tell them as MIL will think that means she will have to support us while I look for another job. Also my hubs isn't teaching this semester so, no income there. I am going to keep it a secret as long as possible.

This also means that we cannot afford to move out. I cried. We were going to let her have her house back and we planned on moving out, but nothing will happen till I find another full time job.

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